Unusual kitchen sink cabinet designs to consider

Singaporean adults prefer granite to any other countertop surface for their dream kitchens, and believe granite countertops increase home resale values, according to a new national survey’s findings.

The survey of 2,021 Singapore adults aged 18 and over was conducted in October by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Marble Institute of Singapore. It asked respondents which countertop they would most want in their dream kitchen sink cabinet. At 55 percent, granite countertops was the most popular choice, followed distantly by “synthetic stone” at 12 percent.

Asked how much they agree with the statement “granite countertops increase the resale value of a home, 90 percent of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed.

“After months of inaccurate reporting and questionable research aimed at raising doubts about granite, it’s gratifying to know consumers believe granite countertops are as safe as they are beautiful, practical and durable,” said REAS President Gal Chung.

In fact, 84 percent agrees that granite countertops are among the most safe, beautiful and durable kitchen counter surfaces on the market today.

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